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November 10, 2012
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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)

Toki waited patiently just as the Swede had instructed. He sat still on the edge of the bed, questioning what to expect of his band mate. Moments later the tall blond emerged form his private washroom wearing nothing at all. Toki didn't know what to do, all he could do was stare. Was this some kind of sick joke? Did Skwisgaar simple need a fuck buddy? Was he experimenting with men now? But wasn't being gay totally not metal?

"Tokis." was all Skwisgaar said from his spot in the doorway.

Toki stared for a moment longer before managing to get out "Skwis." along with a heavy exhale.

Skwisgaar said nothing, he simply made his way over to the rhythm guitar player and hooked a long boney finger under his chin, lifting Toki's gaze from his crotch to his ice blue eyes. He waited for a change in Toki's confused expression, but when it didn't come, he leaned down and planted a simple peck on the lips the younger boy. Toki blushed.

"Whats are yous doings Skwisga-" Toki couldn't finish before Skwisgaar cut him off.

"It its nots obvious?" The blond placed another kiss on the other man. Longer this time. He was about to pull away from the kiss, but Toki grabbed onto Skwisgaar's pronounced hip bones and pulled him back into himself. The boy's lips both parted and Skwisgaar was first to invite his tongue into the other's mouth, Toki responded in a like minded fashion, both other them now caressing each other with their tongues and with their hands. Skwisgaar grabbed the bottom hem of Toki's shirt and started to lift it, exposing Toki's perfectly sculpted body. He then when to work at the fly of the brunette's pants. Toki turned out to be free-balling it today, which turned out to be a big turn on for the Swede.
Skwisgaar grasped Toki's already hard shaft and started to work it with his magical fingers of his, Toki moaned at his touch, and responded in kind. Skwisgaar had been erect since entering the room. Toki lowered his head and started licking at the tip of Skwisgaar's cock.

"Wells if yous going to bes like that." Skwisgaar pushed the other guitarist onto his back, and straddled his face, Toki obediently took the blond's long cock in his mouth, as Skwisgaar did the same to him.  

It wasnt long before Toki let go and uttered "Skwis- Skwisgaar, Ims going tos-"

"No!" Skwisgaar jumped off his counter part and proceeded to flip the smaller man onto all fours. He grabbed the tube of lube that was in his top dresser drawer and applied some to his erection. Then used his now lubbed fingers and caressed the ass hole of the man in front of him, before slipping one of them inside Toki. Toki whimpered.
Skwisgaar spread Toki's perfect ass and readied himself.

"Hurrys Skwisgaar please!" Toki moaned. He obeyed, and proceeded to insert himself into the ass of his cute moustached parter.

Skwisgaar fucked the way he played guitar; fast.
All that was heard was heavy breathing, and Toki's not so silent moans.
Before long Toki had ejaculated all over Skwisgaar's white sheets. This was nothing new, he went threw sheets like Pickles went threw whiskey. This action caused Toki to clench around Skwisgaar's dick, which sent the taller man into early climax. He came inside the other man, took a moment to catch his breath, and then pulled out and rolled onto his back.
Toki slowly found his was into the arms of the lead guitarist.

Toki kissed the Swede slowly then whispered, "Wowwiee Skwisgaar! Where dids thats come froms?"

Skwisgaar entwined his fingers into Toki's long brown hair, "I'll tells yous laters."      
WARNING!! Heavy levels of gay man sex. quite descriptive, and very steamy. if you dont like it, dont read it!

Toki and Skwisgaar from Dethklok/ Metalocalypse.
I do not own these characters.

oh and just a little thing about me, I like my smut to be short, quick and too the point. so if you like something with more backstory to it, Im not offended, go read someone else's fan faction.

with that said, let me know what you think! and let me know if you want more!
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Temptia Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fast and passionate! I like how  you've written this! Sometimes when I'm reading someone else's fanfiction, there's too much love, hearts, crying ect. But this was straight to the point and somewhat felt real. 
Drunken--Lullabies Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
thank you very much 
Temptia Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem! :D
lanza-divina Nov 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You mights wanna re-spells "Shirt".
Just sayin's
it says "shit"s.
Drunken--Lullabies Nov 17, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
thank you for finding that. all fixed now.
It was written okay, but personally I think you put in the sex a little too quickly. If you had maybe written about some way to lead to sex concerning a relationship, groupie shortage, etc., it may have been more believable, but like this, it seems like they fuck all the time.
Drunken--Lullabies Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
okay thank you for your thoughts :) I'll see what I can do about adding some more details like that.
You're welcome, and thanks for taking the critique lightly and seriously. That means a lot to me :).
Drunken--Lullabies Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
you're welcome :)
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